The Development of MLS Continues

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The Development of MLS Continues

33RD ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Ottawa, Canada, 18-22 April 1994

WP No. 100

The Development of MLS Continues


The programme of MLS trials continues. An interesting development is the trial at London Heathrow where the MLS datalink is to be used to transmit the correction signal from the GPS differential ground station to the aircraft. This is seen as a possible “stepping stone” from Cat II/III MLS to GPS operations. This may also encourage the development of a combined ILS/MLS/GPS receiver.

Most attention is focused upon the ICAO world-wide meeting in March 1995. This will review the ICAO ILS/MLS transition plan. It will also consider recent developments in new equipment, such as GPS. It is hoped that it will bee possible to evaluate when and how this new equipment should be introduced and develop an orderly and cost effective transition to the new approach aids.

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