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IFATCA Policy is:

Automation shall improve and enhance the data exchange for controllers. Automated systems shall be fail-safe and provide accurate and incorruptible data. These systems shall be built with an integrity factor to review and crosscheck the information being received.

The human factors aspects of Automation shall be fully considered when developing automated systems.

Automation shall assist and support ATCOs in the execution of their duties.

The controller shall remain the key element of the ATC system.

Total workload should not be increased without proof that the combined automated/human systems can operate safely at the levels of workload predicted, and to be able to satisfactorily manage normal and abnormal occurrences. Automated tools or systems that support the control function shall enable the controller to retain complete control of the control task in such a way so as to enable the controller to support timely interventions when situations occur that are outside the normal compass of the system design, or when abnormal situations occur which require non-compliance or variation to normal procedures.

Automation should be designed to enhance controller job satisfaction.

The legal aspects of a controller’s responsibilities shall be clearly identified when working with automated systems.

A Controller shall not be held liable for incidents that may occur due to the use of inaccurate data if he is unable to check the integrity of the information received.

A Controller shall not be held liable for incidents in which a loss of separation occurs due to a resolution advisory issued by an automated system.

Guidelines and procedures shall be established in order to prevent incidents occurring from the use of false or misleading information provided to the controller.

The number of items displayed on one label and the number of items/information displayed on the current screen should be set after a dedicated study. Safety tools should not be deactivated.

See: WP 74 – Port of Spain 1991, WP 128 – Christchurch 1993, WP 155 – Santiago 1999, WP 155 – Marrakech 2000, WP 174 – Geneva 2001, WP 159 – Dubrovnik 2009, Resolution C43 – WP 79 – Virtual 2022, Resolution C4 – WP 158 – Montego Bay 2023

See also: WP 143 – Ottawa 1994, WP 94A – Tunis 1996




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