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IFATCA Policy is:

IFATCA recommends that for active air traffic controllers the age of retirement should be closer to 50 than 55.

In view of the peculiarity and uniqueness of the profession of Air Traffic Control, and in the interest of air safety, air traffic controllers should be awarded retirement at an earlier age than that of the national retirement age.

The retirement age for air traffic controllers should be determined by negotiations at the national level, taking into consideration the physical and psychological demands and the occupational stress the profession involves.

Air Traffic Controller retirement legislation shall be accompanied by an adequate superannuation scheme which enables the controller to receive pension benefits as if service had continued to national retirement age.

ANSPs shall not increase retirement ages in an attempt to address ATCO staff shortage issues.

A course in order to prepare ATCOs should be made available by their employer in order to facilitate the transition between an active controlling career, and becoming a retired professional.

See: WP49 – Brussels 1979, WP138 – Ottawa 1994, WP155 – Santiago 1999, WP163 – Dubrovnik 2009, Resolution C53 – WP 79 – Virtual 2022

See also: WP8 – Athens 1985





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