41TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Cancun, Mexico, 15-19 April 2002

WP No. 112


Presented by EVP Europe


1.1  On the 24th of January 2002 (See Ref. 6. and Annex 1) Reduced Vertical Separation Minima above FL290 (up to FL410) was successfully introduced in 42 States.

1.2  For further information please refer to the Eurocontrol website www.eur-rvsm.com.


2.1  Implementation

After the NAT trials and the UK, which started with an early application of RVSM, the whole ECAC area switched over to 1000ft separation between FL290 and 410 on the 24th of January 2002.

2.2  Post-implementation activities

Following the introduction, the Eurocontrol RVSM Programme Management Cell will establish together with the national RVSM Manager a post-implementation safety case. Dominic Kelly, our representative in the RVSM programme, will participate in these activities.

2.3  Concerns

IFATCA is still concerned with some of the ‘mixed environment’ occurring in the RVSM airspace. Exempted State aircraft are allowed to use the RVSM airspace without the required equipment. 2000ft separation has to be provided to aircraft with this special status.

Furthermore, there is some work ongoing for recommendations of a different use of ACAS II.


There has been a successful implementation of the EUR RVSM programme. 6 additional flight levels are available.

IFATCA must closely monitor the ‘mixed-mode operation’ with exempted state aircraft and the impact on controller workload.

IFATCA – and especially Dominic Kelly – were very much congratulated by Eurocontrol for their efforts.


That this WP is accepted as information paper.

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