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IFATCA Policy is:

Rosters should be constructed following a simple pattern, with shifts of the same or very similar lengths and adequate breaks between shifts and shift cycles.

The average time of operational duty and breaks should not exceed 32 hours per week.

Each shift should not exceed 7 hours 30 minutes including breaks.

A minimum rest period of 11 consecutive hours per day should be provided.

The continuous operational duty for a controller should be 2 hours maximum and should be reduced to 90 minutes for controllers working with visual terminals and/or radar displays; after which a minimum 30 minutes break, away from the working environment should be given to controllers.

At least one break of a minimum of 1 hour duration, on both day and afternoon shift, shall be given to controllers for the purpose of eating at regular times and to prevent gastrointestinal dysfunctions.

Extra rest hours shall be provided when requested by a pregnant controller.

By night the total operational duty time should not exceed 5 hours.

Controllers shall not be held liable in the case of an accident or incident if the controller has previously registered a formal complaint of exaggerated working hours or lack of fatigue management and these have been determined to be a major contributing factor to the incident or accident.

An ATCO shall not provide both surveillance approach service and aerodrome control service simultaneously.

See: WP155 – Santiago 1999, WP125 – Jerusalem 1995, WP 165 – Istanbul 2007, WP 158 – Sofia 2015, Resolution C60 – WP 80 – Virtual 2022


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