IFATCA Policy is:

Applicants shall be required to possess the academic qualifications required to enter a recognized post-secondary educational institution in their country.

Applicants shall pass the selection standards.

The ICAO medical requirements shall apply to all candidates for selection and other tests considered appropriate by national authorities should be employed. The final selection of prospective controllers should be made by licenced ATCOs together with professional assessors.

There should be no discrimination in the selection of air traffic controllers.

Member Associations should co-operate with those responsible for the selection of air traffic controllers in their country and obtain agreement on:

a) the composition of the selection board, including representation by the Member Association where appropriate;

b) a definite list of criteria which would be sought by the selection board;

c) the procedures of the selection process.

Aptitude tests specifically designed for air traffic controllers shall be included in the selection process for air traffic controllers.

The selection board shall include a psychologist trained in, or familiar with, all aspects of ATC and a controller trained in selection methods and procedures.

Member Associations, in consultation with their ANSPs, shall encourage the development of suitable static and dynamic aptitude tests for the selection of air traffic controllers.

Team Resource Management as a concept should be considered in the selection of ATCOs.

See: WP 49 – Brussels 1979, WP 38 – Toronto 1980, WP 25 – Amsterdam 1982, WP 171 – Geneva 2001, WP 164 – Istanbul 2007, Resolution C11 – WP 157 – Conchal 2019, Resolution C1 – WP 76 – Virtual 2022


Last Update: August 11, 2022  

November 5, 2019   622   Jean-Francois Lepage    TRNG    

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