Annual Report of Sub-Committee Medical

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Annual Report of Sub-Committee Medical

25TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, San José, Costa Rica, 21-25 April 1986

WP No. 13

Annual Report of Sub-Committee Medical


During 1985, Sub-Committee medical has found itself in a reorganisation process concerning the staff situation. One of the two appointed members of this Sub-Committee has withdrawn during the summer due to private reasons. Despite this problem Sub- Committee Medical has tried to continue the work in accordance with the work programme as resolved at the Athens Conference in 1985. For this Annual Conference Sub-Committee Medical has produced two working papers:

  • “Study on night shift paralysis” and
  • “Study on the use of VDUs in ATC”

Both items could be of great value to air traffic controllers health and consequently to air safety. The members of Standing Committee 4 feel that medical matters are of the utmost importance in our profession. Therefore the Federation must address itself to controllers’ medical problems and apply its expertise to make contributions to these problems. One way possible to achieve the competence in regard to medical matters is the way of exchanging information. Such source of worldwide information remains the basis of developments regarding medical conditions in our profession. In order to continue our work more efficiently MAs are urged to forward any information material available to Sub- Committee Medical. Sub-Com-Medical needs your assistance and support.


It is recommended that MA’s who have information relating to the medical aspects of the ATC Profession which they consider is of interest, should forward it to SC4.

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