Investigate the Subject of Computer Virus

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Investigate the Subject of Computer Virus

33RD ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Ottawa, Canada, 18-22 April 1994

WP No. 108

Investigate the Subject of Computer Virus


At the 31st Conference in Bournemouth , SC 1 was tasked with investigating the increasing introduction of software driven ATC equipment with the potential problem associated with “computer viruses “.

At the 32nd Conference in Christchurch a verbal report was given indicating that SC 1 had despite considerable effort failed to obtain any information pertaining to Computer Virus. Again during this last year many letters have been written to manufacturers , requesting information pertinent to the safeguards employed by them to protect the systems against a computer virus. Regrettably there have been no replies received to this request.

Investigation has revealed that the manufacturer is only responsible up to the time the equipment is handed over to the user, there after it is the responsibility of the relevant authority to ensure integrity of the system. It is understood that certain relevant ATS authorities have initiated “Good Housekeeping ” guides for the use of external software in the ATC system which should prevent the use of contaminated software. Also, some systems are now supplied with a programme to prevent viral infection.

To Conclude

Some relevant ATS Authorities appear to have initiated programmes and produced instructions to prevent the introduction of a virus to the ATC system during operation. It is recommended that all ATS Authorities should establish a “Good Housekeeping Guide” and take steps to prevent software virus infection.

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