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Report of Sub-Committee Medical

26TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Nairobi, Kenya, 27-30 April 1987

WP No. 25

Report of Sub-Committee Medical


Controlling of air traffic is stressful. As the controller is the crucial link in aviation his/her medical fitness is vital to air safety. Air traffic controllers’ physical and mental health needs worldwide concern of the aviation medical profession. Any jeopardising of air traffic controllers’ health is unacceptable in modern aviation. A medical unfit air traffic controller could be the cause of a major disaster.


Sub-Com Medical has been deeply concerned with modern air traffic controls systems which may cause possible health problems. Research and possible solutions with regard to this aspect are considered to be one of the main tasks of this Sub-Committee. That is the reason why Sub-Com Medical presents a greater number of working papers than initially intended. For this year’s Conference the following working papers were prepared:

  • The use of VDUs (visual display units) in ATC (An underestimated health hazard?)
  • The use of VDUs in ATC (the feasibility of empirical research)
  • Night shift paralysis (A preliminary report on the evaluation of the night shift paralysis questionnaire)
  • Hardness of hearing
  • Drug abuse among air traffic controllers


We think that it is of vital interest to have a Sub-Com Medical which gains expertise and knowledge with regard to medical matters. For to know is to be equipped to act. Therefor we cannot understand the lack of interest shown by MAs. The lack of advice and information which could be given by MAs has been keenly felt. On the other hand we think that it should be possible for IFATCA nominees to attend medical seminars, international medical aviation meetings or conferences despite financial constraints. This would enable Sub-Com Medical to achieve knowledge and expertise in the field of aviation medicine on behalf of all MAs.


IFATCA representatives should participate at national and/or international aviation medical conferences or seminars whenever this is considered to be relevant to MA’s, to be decided by the Executive Board, after consultation with the chairman of SC4.

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