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  1. Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems
  2. Developments in the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) as an Approach Aid
  3. ATC Collision Avoidance Techniques
  4. Review policy on Surface Guidance Movement and Control Systems
  5. High Frequency Datalink in Support of ATS
  6. Investigate Operational Aspects of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast
  7. Develop Policy on System Defences During Planned System Degradation
  8. Produce a Definition of Minimum Safe Altitude Warning Systems
  9. Study Down Link of Traffic Collision Avoidance System Resolution Advisories
  10. Produce a Definition of Area Proximity Warning System
  11. Produce a Definition of Controller Tools
  12. Produce a Definition of Conflict Detection Tools
  13. Review of Policy on Precision Area Navigation
  14. Review of Policy on Area Navigation
  15. Review of the IFATCA Vision Document
  16. Conflict Detection Tools
  17. Third Party Risk
  18. Study Implementation of 8.33 kHz in Europe and Determine if any Problems Exist at the Europe-Africa Interface
  19. New ICAO Phraseology on Taxi Instructions
  20. Review of Policy on Ground Based Safety Nets
  21. Conditional Clearances
  22. Review policy of ACAS / TCAS
  23. Monitor the Developments in the Operational use of ASAS
  24. Investigation of the Nomenclature used in the Acronyms CIB & CIC
  25. ADS-B Operations
  26. Review of Policy on FANS-1/A
  27. Management of Mixed Mode Operations
  28. Collaborative Decision Making
  29. Review of 8.33 kHz Phraseology
  30. The Use of Safety Nets in ATM
  31. Review Policy on Mode S – Operational Requirements
  32. Review of Policy on Surface Movement Radar
  33. Review Issues Regarding ATC Systems Capability to Monitor Relevant Controller Intervention Buffer (CIB) Parameters
  34. The Use of Lateral Offsets
  35. Review of IFATCA Policy Concerning Helicopter Operations
  36. RT Phraseology in Civil/Military Integration
  37. Technical Aspects of Medium Term Conflict Detection
  38. Aircraft Flying with ‘Due Regard’

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